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Sheet metal stamping and tube deformation are the most consolidated technologies in OMG, founded over 70 years ago by operating in these sectors. We have always believed in technological growth as a means for global growth, which is why we have recently rationalized the department by placing it in a recently built structure where we can operate with presses, both mechanical and hydraulic, up to 1,250 tons.

Many presses are equipped with automatic coil welding systems, transfers for progressive processing and inter-press robotic systems for maximum efficiency and precision. For the same reasons we design and manufacture the equipment and molds used in the production departments internally. In addition to sheet metal, we can process pipes up to a diameter of 63 mm. Our assembly and welding department works with robotic cells to complete pipe and sheet metal processing with maximum efficiency and precision. Our prototypes section uses modern laser cutting machines, also used for small series.

The cold forging division that we put at your disposal has presses of different capacities, hydraulic and mechanical, many of which are served by interpressed robots.


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