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The headquarters of our Group is located in Lusigliè.

This is where the General Management, Research and Development, Customer Service, Administration and Purchasing Service are located.

A lean and professional structure that sees the entry of the third generation into the company as a tangible sign of continuity and in the high production automation an indication of the production philosophy.


New Mabat Foundry

Our aluminum foundry is nearby our HQ. A very agile structure, perfect for making small to medium series typical of the technology of die casting. The foundry can also operate on heavier weight products thanks to robotic interlocking. An X-ray testing machine completes the plant.


New Mabat

This mechanical processing unit completes the production of the foundry with all the necessary processes on the cast products and intervenes on steel and cast iron parts for smaller series and manually to complete the OMG offer. A very high-level machine park, consisting of machining and turning centers even with multiple axes, all branded Mazak, guarantees the perfection of processing.


We work in harmony with our customers in the development of production cycles and, when and where necessary, also in the creation of new locations. To produce complete berths, suspensions and engine components for heavy vehicles we have created the new Spanish plant located next to the production center that uses these parts. Time and transfer costs saved for the benefit of collaboration.


Being close to our customers is not, for us, a way of saying but a precise reality that can be found in facts. The plant in Poland, in a strategic position, has been set up to perform mechanical machining with high automation on cylinder heads, engine blocks and distribution boxes, and to carry out the assembly of mechanical parts and multi-material products to provide components ready for assembly there, where our customers needed it.

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