Shortly after the end of the Second World War, Bruno, Romo and Sandro Giordano founded FraGi, which later became OMG in 1949. Since then, seventy years of work and passion have passed. We have grown, generation after generation, from the simple products of the first period to the complex and sophisticated technologies of today. Chairs, tables and accessories for motorcycles and scooters have given way to the mass production of high-tech components for the automotive sector such as heads, cylinders and engine blocks.

Today, with the third generation perfectly integrated into the company, we can look to the future in the certainty that there are sufficient human resources available and there will be a continuity of management and direction. The first sheet metal forming and tube deformation technologies have not been abandoned but rather implemented with advanced systems and robotic loading systems. Along with these, there are other technologies such as mechanical.

  1. 1949

    Founded by Bruno, Romo and Sandro Giordano

  2. 1973

    Second generation: Giordano and Collodoro families

  3. 1975

    First supply to customer IVECO

  4. 1980

    New headquarters in Lusigliè

  5. 1987

    Mechanical machining

  6. 1996

    First ISO 9001 quality certificate

  7. 1998

    New sheet metal pressing department

  8. 2000

    Third generation: Giordano, Collodoro and Spezzati families

  9. 2003

    New office building

  10. 2009

    OMG Poland foundation

  11. 2016

    OMG Spain Components foundation

  12. 2020

    New technology: aluminum casting

  13. 2021

    Nuova Mabat and Nuova Mabat fonderie acquisition