The headquarters of our Group is located in Lusigliè. The plant has grown over time, also due to the installation of dedicated production lines for our customers. This is where the General Management, Research and Development, Customer Service, Administration and Purchasing Service departments are located. A lean and professional structure that the third generation has become part of as a tangible sign of company continuity and where the high production automation is an indication of the production philosophy.

New Mabat foundry

Our aluminium foundry is about 30 km away. An extremely flexible structure, perfect for making the small to medium runs that are typical of die casting technology. The foundry can also operate on heavier products thanks to robotic lifting. The plant also has an X-ray testing centre.

New Mabat

This mechanical processing unit completes the foundry production with all the processes for cast products and manually works on steel and cast iron parts for smaller runs to complete the OMG offer. A very high-level range of machinery, consisting of machining and turning centres, also with multiple axes, and all made by Mazak, ensures the machining is perfect.


We tune with our clients in the development of the manufacturing cycles and - when and where required - also in establishing new locations.  To create complete bunks, suspensions and engine components for heavy vehicles, we have created a new plant in Spain, which is located close to the production center that uses these parts.  This allows savings in both time and cost, to the full benefit of the collaboration.


For us, being close to our clients is not a mere way of saying, but a precise reality, proven by facts.   The plant in Poland, in a strategic location, has been established to perform high automation machining on cylinder heads, engine blocks and distribution boxes, as well as to assemble mechanical parts and multi-material products to supply components ready for assembly where our clients needed them.